What is renewable energy?

Energy that is produced from naturally replenishing sources like the sun, wind or running water.


Where does energy come from?

Nearly all energy originates from the sun; wind, wave, plants and even coal



Futureworld: National Centre for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) Inc. was formed in 1992. It is an Australian non-profit organisation collaborating with government, private enterprise, professional experts, and the community to create and develop a large comprehensive national centre for demonstrating, exhibiting and promoting Environmentally Appropriate Technologies.

Appropriate Technologies are products, processes or systems that use natural resources in a more ecologically sustainable manner, reduce pollution, and/or enhance the quality of life. Inevitably they create beneficial outcomes for regional and national economies.

Our Eco-Technology Exhibition Centre, is an inspirational educational and tourism facility that showcases the latest technologies and services that will help our society to move towards a Sustainable Future.

The main focus of the exhibition is on interactive activities and displays in the fields of renewable energy (such as solar and wind power), greenhouse gas reduction, water conservation, transport etc, particularly innovative technologies developed and/or demonstrated in the Illawarra and elsewhere in Australia. Exhibits are both outdoor and indoor.