Solar hot water saves you money!

Using solar hot water can save you up to 30% each year on your total household energy bills!


Did you know?

6.5 billion plastic bags are used in Australia every year.



"Everyone should see this" Sue and John McNamara, Washington State USA

"Very thought provoking" Malabar Probus Club, Malabar Sydney

"Interesting and educational" Doodeman Family, Goulburn

"Impressive setup" Steve Hutchins, Senator ALP NSW


St Pauls Albion Park
“The students have thoroughly enjoyed their time here today. The knowledge of the volunteers, the displays and workbooks have all contributed to this”. I also feel they will be able to go home and share some real life ways their families can be more sustainable, eg solar, showers, recycling, worm farms.  Thanks so much!”
P. W.

Sule College
This was perfect to our unit on “Environmental Matters”. Helped build on learnt knowledge and learned a lot of new information”
A. T.

Coniston Public
“Your patience and hospitality was very much appreciated. Thankyou”

Cringilla Public
The children had a wonderful time, very educational. It supported everything we did at school.
J. H.

Gerroa Public

"On behalf of our 28 members who visited future world last Wednesday we would like to thank you Derek and Chris for the lovely morning tea and a very informative presentation that we all found very interesting Our members have all made positive comments and we hope they will spread the word Thank you again Roger and Lesley Berry Social organisers Gerroa combined Probus"